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"Its is not called beauty sleep for nothing, at night is when our body, including its largest organ the skin is working on overdrive to repair itself," says Ashlea Battaglia, the director of Ooh La La Beauty Boutique. Night time is the best time to apply leave-on exfoliators, to give the ingredients time to absorb and correct daily damage to the skin caused by UV exposure and environmental aggressors. Try Ultraceuticals Even Skin Tone Serum and watch your pigment, blackheads and breakouts reduce. Physical Vs Chemical Exfoliation What's the difference? Physical or manual exfoliation is when there is something physically exfoliating your skin. Generally tiny beads are placed in products to abrade the skin removing dead skin cells. A chemical exfoliant uses power AHA and BHA to dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells. Can I use both? Ye, absolutely you can. Depending on your skin type and skin health will determine the frequency of combing physical and chemical exfoliants. Some products actually are a mixture of the two technologies, such as the Ultra Dual Micro foliant. This power house contains powerful pineapple enzyme, bromelain and Vitamin C along with spherical biodegradable cellulose biospheres. For those with a healthy skin and high oil production best results are using the Dual Micro foliant in the morning and Even Skin Tone at night. So your skin can renew and repair whilst you catch your ZZZZs.
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DIY tanning need not be a disaster! all you need to know if the insider tips, tricks and products to assist you in achieving a gorgeous glow. Not an orange hue. ESSENTIAL TIP ONE YOUR CANVAS In order have a streak free, even tan you must ensure that the canvas you are working on is in peak condition. 2-3 days before you tan start applying moisturiser morning and night, preferably asap revitalising body moisturiser. WHY? This moisturiser is not just going to hydrate your skin, it contains, AHA’s that gently eat away at your dead skin cells and encourage new cell turnover. Your skin will have never felt softer and be perfectly prepared for you tan. ASAP REVITALISING BODY MOIST Click here to view product   THE REMOVAL METHOD If you are a regular tanner whose weekly beauty routine involves the strip down and reapplication of a new glow, this does not need to lead to build up dry skin. Simply by using your AHA based moisturiser will start to break down the tan. For our regular tanners we recommend that they use the body moisturiser the night before and morning of the day they wish to reapply. That night when you have your shower using the Tanning removal mitt, simply buff gently. This will remove all excess tan and have your skin super soft ready for a fresh coat of colour. TANNING REMOVAL MITT Click here to view product   THE APPLICATION ACCESSORIES If you are not using an application mitt you are almost guaranteeing that you will get the dreaded orange hands and you simply cannot work the product into the skin properly as its all being absorbed into your palms. Mitts are essential, keep fresh by placing in the wash regularly in a delicates garment bag. It will be the best $10.95 you ever spent as depending on use they generally last around 6-12 months before they need replacing. TANNING APPLICATION MITT Click here to view product
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Ladies of Adelaide have you heard rumblings about the not to be missed skin event of the year held at Ooh La La Beauty Boutique? That’s right we are talking about our Exclusive 12 Week Challenge. Every year this event grows as our clients tell their friends about the amazing results they achieved in just 12 short weeks by simply committing to regular treatments. As our clients skin journeys progress so too must our treatment packages so this year we have turned up the heat and included our most expensive treatments. Click here to Join   SKIN SPECIALISTS   Deanne With over 11 years of experience Deanne is somewhat of an Ooh La La Guru when it comes to the skin. Deanne has a passion for health and vitality and is a firm believer of the link between diet, exercise and the skin. Deanne has assisted many clients over the years over come breakout, acne and even calm rosacea. Amy Holding a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, with over 5 years of experience, Amy has been a skin specialist at Ooh La La Beauty Boutique for over 3 years. You only have to read the facebook reviews on our Ooh La La Beauty Boutique page to see how loved Amy is by her skin clients. What are you waiting for?   Lauren Not only an Eyelash Extension Technician, Lauren has extensive experience in skin and has previously trained other staff on correct skin typing procedures and treatments. A lover of Ultraceuticals, she has worked with the brand since 2013 and is certainly seen as a staff member of high expertise with her peers. Her facials are also absolute bliss!   Elly Constantly wanting to grow her craft, Elly has 3 years in the Beauty Industry. Known at Ooh La La Beauty Boutique for her outstanding Eyelash Extension application few people are aware that Elly is also considered one of our leading skin specialists. Holding a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and up to date industry training with Ultraceuitcals, considered Australia’s leading cosmeceutical brand, known for its results driven products and treatments. Ask Elly at your next appointment how you can change your skin today!   Repair and Hydrate $396 Upfront $69.33 Fortnightly through Ezi-Debit 4 facial treatments at 3 week intervals, focused on repairing the lipid barrier and hydrating the skin. On your last treatment you will enjoy an extended facial which includes a 15 minute head, neck and scalp massage. Best of all you get a FREE Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream to continue the good work at home. Only 7 packs available.   Maintenance Pack $ 429 Upfront $74.83 Fortnightly through Ezi-Debit 4 results driven treatments specifically selected to maintain an already healthy skin and encoring cell turnover and boost collagen. Over the 12 weeks you will enjoy two Vita Clear Workout, a Standard Plus Microdermabrasion and finishing off with our Deluxe Microdermabrasion. We are also throwing in a FREE Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream valued at $55. Hurry only 7 packs available.   Ultra Acne $489.60 Upfront Fortnightly through Ezi-Debit 6 paramedical beauty treatments focused on stoping acne in its tracks by alternating Vita Clear Workouts with Standard Microdermabrasion facials building up to combining the two in one visit. The combination of these two treatments stops the spread of bacteria on the surface of the skin and the ability of the Mandelic Acid unclogging blocked follicles greatly reduces if not eradicates the ability for acne to keep forming. To assist clients in maintaining the great results at home we are giving away a FREE Ultra Purifying Mask! Only 10 packs available.   Ultra Brightening $571.20 Upfront or $98.53 Fortnightly through Ezi-Debit This package is designed to build clients skin up to the grand finale of combining a Microdermabrasion with a Brightening Accelerator Mask. This is the package for those who are serious about brightening their complexion, boosting hydration and collagen production in the skin. Prices have been discounted 20%!   Ultra All Stars $595.20 Upfront or $102.53 Fortnightly through Ezi-Debit We have combine all our staff picks for best results, starting with a Vita Clear workout, clients then move into a Brightening Accelerator Mask, Standard Plus Microdermabrasion, another Brightening Accelorator Mask, Deluxe Microdermabrasion and finishing off with the creme de la creme A Zyme. Prices have been discounted to 20% off!   Click here to Join  

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