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Hint: It doesn’t involve scrubbing yourself raw


If you’ve clicked onto this article, you are probably in a state of minor panic because A) your tan is fading evenly because you forgot to moisturise daily, or B) you have a date tomorrow and desperately need to reapply your tan! Don’t worry our bronzed babes, we have been there and done that and have the best way for you to remove your tan in record time!

While self-tanning has evolved quickly since the days of orange tans and streaky ankles, mistakes do still happen. Like forgetting to moisturise your tan daily to prevent uneven fading tan or patchiness, yeah we see you… So before you panic too hard and try to apply more tan over the top of your existing tan, Sunescape will save you the trouble, don’t do it!

Here are our nifty top tips to remove that tan quickly:

Run a bath. Let’s cut right to the chase, building up your mousse on top of an existing tan can highlight the breakup of older colour if you are not careful, resulting in a patchy, unnatural tan. Before you get stuck into removing your faux glow fading tan, we recommend running a warm bath to soften and soak your body in before the scrubbing begins. This will help break down the DHA in the tanning formula, so it will come off more easily.

Take to the ocean. If you are one for a more DIY method, both saltwater and chlorine are touted as great tan removers. Swimming can give you an all-over fading tan effect by reducing the life of your tan when underwater for a long period of time, which helps to remove the fading tan more completely. This is the lazy but effective guide to remove your self-tan, but when it’s too cold (goodbye summer!) Sunescape has you covered.

Exfoliate. There’s nothing more we trust than our trusty Sunescape Exfoliating Body Polish. This product is specifically designed to remove tanning formulas from the skin in the gentlest way possible! DIY measures (like lemon juice) can be irritating on the skin. It does not guarantee your fading tan diminishes evenly like you’d want it to. Gently sloughing away existing tan and dead skin cells. Helps to remove excess build up, and smooth skin texture, perfect for your next application. Use Ooh La La Beauty Boutique Tan Removal Mitt or Towel and the polish and work in circular motions around your body to remove the tan gently and evenly.

Now that you’re back to your original colour (ah, the paleness), it’s time for tanning round 2!

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