Nothing beats a relaxing pedicure to soothe cracked tired feet. Ooh La La Beauty Boutique offers a range of pedicures for the budget conscious and time poor to the indulgent deeply hydrating paraffin wax treatment.


There is nothing quite like getting a professional Pedicure to remove all dry, cracked skin followed by a luxurious massage that leave feet feeling light as a feather. Ooh La La Beauty Boutique believes this is a treat that no one should go without, offering four different pedicures to suit each budget and occasion.

The newest trend to hit the market is OPI Gelcolor, the only product on the market that boasts NO DAMAGE to the natural nail when done correctly and the only non hybrid gel polish. Meaning it is 100% gel.  These services can be added onto any Pedicure service.


File, Buff and Polish

For when you just don’t want to paint them yourself! Starting with a steam towel treatment to invigorate the skin, polish colour is selected from our range or you can bring your favourite from home. Nails are shaped; cuticles removed then polish is applied.

Express Pedicure

The name says it all. If you need a quick foot freshen up in a hurry this is the pedicure for you. Your feet will be bathed in a blend of peppermint and tea tree. Top layers of dead skin removed with the help of a coarse Swedish foot paddle and your feet re-energised with a cooling peppermint lotion. Cuticles are removed, then nails are shaped and painted. PLEASE NOTE- if you have not have a pedicure in over 3 months and have callous build up this is not the pedicure for you. This process takes time and if longer than 12 months, often more than one treatment is required to remove dead skin build up.

Classic Pedicure

This is your answer to your regular maintenance pedicure.  Feet are soaked in a warm bath, filed to remove calluses and excess dry skin, exfoliated with a AHA enriched Scrub and finished with a soothing foot massage.  Nails are reshaped, cuticles removed and polished in your colour of choice. Upgrade to OPI Gelcolor for just $15.

Deluxe Pedicure

For the ultimate in feet indulgence, this is a pedicure is for those that have the time to relax!  Your feet are soaked until soft, all calluses, and dead skin build up are removed. After a relaxing foot massage feet are plunged into luxurious paraffin wax. You are left with the feet so soft you wont want to walk on them and they of course would not be complete without your nails being painted the colour of your choice. We recommend adding OPI Gel Polish with our Deluxe Pedicure as paraffin wax causes the nail beds to become oily, which can effect the longevity of natural nail polish.