At Ooh La La Beauty Boutique we offer both Hot and Strip wax, using only the highest quality, Caron Laboratories a well known and respected Australian company.


Hygiene is of an extremely high standard, cleansing all delicate areas with wax preparation fluid on the skin. We only use disposable spatulas on all areas of the body and do not double dipping when waxing sensitive areas as per the safe and hygienic practice of skin penetration guidelines.

Quality and Care

We use only the caronlab high quality Hard wax for all delicate areas, such as bikini. We do also use caronlab strip wax thats designed for delicate areas for all our body waxing, ensuring the treatment is as comfortable as possible for our clients. This can be used on delicate areas instead of hard wax upon request.

What People Say


    When taking certain medications the skin can be more susceptible to thinning, which in turn can cause the skin to tear or burn. If you are concerned about a drug you are taking consult your doctor. Listed below are the most common drugs and conditions, which may affect the effectiveness of waxing or in some cases waxing cannot be performed. Please note this is not a complete list, so if unsure consult your doctor.

    • Accutane – Waxing not suitable.
    • Retin-A – Waxing not suitable.
    • Antibiotics – sensitivities may occur.
    • Birth control or HRT – sensitivities may occur.
    • Blood Thinners – Doctors authorisation is required.
    • Autoimmune disease – Waxing is not suitable.
    • Cancer Therapy – Chemotherapy or Radiation – Waxing is not suitable.
    • Diabetes, phlebitis – Doctors authorisation is required.
    • Exfoliators – salicylic acid, AHA’s, enzymes, scrubs- depending on the client and the skin type it is advised that you stop use three days before a waxing service, resuming after 4 days. This is extremely precautionary and depends on the product and or your skin history.
    • Depilatory creams – must have been used a week in advance.
    • Severe sun exposure. If you are a sun bunny and tan regularly in tanning beds please note this does cause sensitivity in the skin.