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Should you use a leave-on exfoliating serum? “Its is not called beauty sleep for nothing, at night is when our body, including its largest organ the skin is working on overdrive to repair itself,” says Ashlea Battaglia, the director of Ooh La La Beauty Boutique. Night time is the best time to apply leave-on exfoliators, to give the ingredients time to absorb and correct daily damage to the skin caused by UV exposure and environmental aggressors. Try Ultraceuticals Even Skin Tone Serum and watch your pigment, blackheads and breakouts reduce.

Physical Vs Chemical Exfoliation

What’s the difference? Physical or manual exfoliation is when there is something physically exfoliating your skin. Generally, products contain tiny beads that abrade the skin removing dead skin cells. A chemical exfoliant uses power AHA and BHA to dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells.

Can I use both?

Ye, absolutely you can. Depending on your skin type and skin health will determine the frequency of combing physical and chemical exfoliants. Some products actually are a mixture of the two technologies, such as the Ultra Dual Microfoliant. This power house contains powerful pineapple enzyme, bromelain and Vitamin C along with spherical biodegradable cellulose biospheres.

For those with a healthy skin and high oil production, best results are using the Dual Microfoliant in the morning and Even Skin Tone at night. So your skin can renew and repair whilst you catch your ZZZZs.

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